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Have you seen experienced online marketers making good money from social media? There are people video blogging and making thousands of dollars with video content uploaded to the number 1 platform, Youtube. Although making videos takes a bit of work they are well compensated by monetizing their efforts. Mike Williams’ “how to” guide shows you how to do this without even producing your own videos.

What is YouTube Secrets?

The answer is “YouTube Secrets” is a by the numbers digital course that guides you through the process of making money on Youtube, the number one video sharing site with huge viewer interaction. Definately Youtube secrets is for you if you want to get a piece of the action and learn how to make some money from this busy social platform. So if you want to make money with YouTube but do not know how, YouTube Secrets is for you. 

The creator of the course asserts that there is a right process or correct formula to be successful with this opportunity. Even if you have no idea how to create popular videos, you can still make money, and this course will show you how

Youtube Secrets Review

Who is the Creator of YouTube Secrets?

The YouTube Secrets book is created by internet marketer and YouTube guru, Mike Williams. Mike has perfected the process of earning money on YouTube without too much hard work, with no technical knowledge required and no video production to deal with. He says he has earned over $10,000 a month with just a few minutes of work per week.  He’s showing you the secret in this program!

How DO You Use YouTube Secrets?

This is a step-by-step course and after paying for the course, you will be given full access to the member’s area. You just need to check your email for login details. When you are logged in all training materials and special tools are made available for you.

Included in the training will be how to make money without making any videos, using YouTube’s millions of videos that are copyright free and how it is possible to make money from them. You can select a video, edit it and re-purpose it, then upload it onto your own channel. According to Mike you can also make your own videos since you will also be taught how to get views without doing things that could get you banned. With more views you can better monetize your channel.

There is access to a total of 30 videos containing step-by-step tutorials. The topics include Setting up your YouTube Channel, Video Editing, How to Write Descriptions Using Profitable Keywords, What to Do to get more Views, Working with Statistics and Connecting and Messaging your Subscribers. There are also valuable tools and tips to advance your earning potential, a treasure trove of youtube secrets and tricks.


1. Step-by-step blueprint of making passive income through the largest and best video sharing website, YouTube.

2. In addition to the course, there are tips and tools provided plus one on one coaching

3. According to Mike Williams, it doesn’t take much of your time, just 30 minutes each week and you can start making money.

4. Informative content about creating your YouTube Channel, promotion and getting views and subscribers.

5. There are no location restrictions. It works no matter where you live.

6. You receive Unlimited Email Support and FREE Lifetime Updates.

7. Positive reviews from users

8. You get a full seven days trial for just $1.

9. The product creator is so confident in the effectiveness of this course that he has a very special promise. It is either you make money with YouTube secrets or you have a Full 60 Days Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.


1. A recurring fee because of the monthly subscription.

2. Needs a reliable internet connection.

3. Unrealistic claims of instant results from just 30-minute work.



“YouTube Secrets” is your blueprint for success earning money through YouTube, the largest video sharing website.

Making your own YouTube channel is great but what is even better is having the ability to earn from it even if you do not have your own videos.

“YouTube Secrets” teaches you how to make money with YouTube, it gives you the ability to earn without a lot YOUTUBE SECRETSof hard work.

Unlike me you may be creative and able to make your own videos. If making videos isn’t your thing you can learn to re-purpose existing videos ie. creative commons videos. You can still make money with all this program’s tutoring and tools. If you truly make a commitment to the training you will see progress. Youtube secrets provides you with the guidance you need to succeed even without technical knowledge or filming expertise.

If you are serious about maximizing your YouTube Channel’s earning potential, then let the YouTube Secrets course help you.

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