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How To Start Woodworking

As hobted's woodworking plans reviewbies go, woodworking has to rate up there with the best. There is a huge feeling of satisfaction creating things with your hands and being able to bask in the admiration of others for what you have achieved. In the modern world of gadgets and technology there is still room to immerse yourself in an artisan project that is satisfying to the mind and body. Woodworking as a hobby has seen a surge in popularity because of these very reasons.

Unless you are particularly talented it can be hard to know where to start with your ideas but it is possible to find plans that are suitable for your project. If the plans are too easy, the projects may not be of interest or other more interesting plans may be too complex. You may even find something that may show you how to make money woodworking. What you really need are not books of plans with limited selection but something that really gives you huge choice.ted's woodworking plans review

A best selling woodworking guide that has sold thousands of copies is Ted’s Woodworking Plans. This is available online and has comprehensive sets of  over 15,000 woodworking plans that have been wildly popular for years.

Ted McGrath is a professional woodworker and knows the needs of woodworkers and those keen on it as a hobby. His collection of plans is massive with numerous different projects to choose from. Way better than any other woodworking guide available today.

His very useful plans have been used by woodworkers to build many things from kitchen cabinets to children’s toys. Imagine the satisfaction and cost savings, not to mention the admiration of friends and relatives!

We should take a closer look at Ted’s Woodworking Plans if you will allow me to show you the pros and cons.

The Good Points:

1) Of  course the main selling point is the assortment of plans. You’re spoiled for choice. It’s next to impossible to find any physical woodworking guide with over 15,000 plans.

With such a large collections of plans there has to be something for everyone here!

2) You really do need to know how your project is going to turn out before you commit yourself to it. To that end there is a DWG CAD file viewer and a 3D modeling software to help you gauge what the finished product is going to look like. It would be frustrating to spend hours on something to eventually realize that it was never what you really wanted after all.

3) One of the reasons that this product has been so popular for so many years is it’s ease of use. It has step by step plans that are intuitive and easy to follow in most cases. So often this type of stuff is full of tech jargon and hard to follow.

Most plans are easy to follow and to the point, which makes it a good fit for DIY folk. Even an enthusiastic layman should understand it.

4) There is a woodworking manual included, that explains the basics of woodworking plus insider tips. This is very useful for those who are new to woodwork and may be a little daunted starting out. The 200-page guide will give you a good grounding to get the most out of the plans and get your woodwork efforts off on the right foot.

5) For many of us watching video is easier than reading instructions so Ted’s Woodworking Plans has 150  instructional videos to make things simpler to understand. You will still want to read and refer to the written plans when working on your task.ted's woodworking plans review

6) The plans are high definition and easy to read. Important if your eyesight isn’t all it used to be!

7) There is a money-back guarantee in which you have a full 60 days to try out Ted’s plans. If you are not satisfied, you can get a refund. I suspect you’ll be way too busy enjoying your woodwork and the things you have made.

The Bad Points:

1)  Some people may be overwhelmed by the size of the collection. More than 15,000 plans can be intimidating. So start off with the easier stuff. This will give you confidence and build your skills. Toys are great and always appreciated by the kids. Plus they are not as critical as adults.

2) This is an online download. As you would expect you’ll need a computer and an internet connection.

3) The plans are random and not neatly ordered. Over 15,000 plans in the collection probably makes this a near impossible task. Nevertheless, you can have fun browsing all the different and exciting things you can create.

ted's woodworking plans reviewIf you like being creative and enjoy working with your hands then this is perfect for you.

It’s a great buy and doesn’t cost that much. There are over 15,000 plans, enough to keep you happy and busy for a very long time. Ted’s Woodworking Plans have been a bestseller for many years and still going strong.

It’s a proven product in it’s field. Give it a try and get busy on your own woodworking project today. There is something very satisfying in creating things from wood. These plans can help you to achieve so much. Now wouldn’t that be something!

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