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The opportunity to make a good living online is very much a viable proposition with more  and more people looking for a secondary passive income while still in a full time job. The dream is to completely replace their main source of income and the 9 to 5 treadmill. Nobody wants to be stuck in an office, probably overworked and definitely under paid, when they could be enjoying a flexible work situation online with the potential to live anywhere in the world. idplr review

It’s not that easy of course but it is possible, it can take time, patience, dedication and reasonably hard work to get to the point that you are regularly earning a sustainable online income. There are numerous ways to make money online but it does require dedication and a can do attitude.

Affiliate Marketing has been one of the best and simplest ways to earn an online income promoting other people’s products and earning commission as a percentage of the sale of those products.

Some people are keen to get started online but lack any idea how to set up and get started. They don’t have their own products nor any clue  how or what to create. Honestly it takes a lot of time, money and effort to to develop viable products but there is a quick and easy option! Private label Rights (PLR). IDplr has thousands of products that you can use as your own!

idplr review

What is IDplr?

It is a website specializing in Private Label Rights (PLR). IDplr gives you instant access to 12,500 plus PLR products that you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

IDplr has many products that you can SELL, EDIT and CLAIM as your own, including:

  • 6315 + E-books
  • 1707+ Videos
  • 1330+ Software
  • 604+ Graphic Packs
  • 1219+ Templates
  • 260+ Audio Packs
  • 1200+ TurnKey Sites
  • 200,000+ PLR Articles

The IDplr website has over 76,000 members and is the largest, most reputable PLR membership on the Internet.

Register for FREE:

This means you have a limited access to the website’s features and products. But if you choose GOLD membership you have access to all 12,500 PLR products, access to fast and secure web hosting, landing and squeeze page creator software, training tutorials, live preview, plus new products almost every day with no download limit.

You choose how long you stay with the membership. Choice of package: 3-month membership, yearly membership and a lifetime membership.

How Does IDplr Work?idplr review

There are numerous products for you to sell as your own but you need to know that others have access to them also. So you need to make do a little bit of editing to to make your version different and make it stand out and ideally you should rebrand it. This means you will alter and hopefully improve the content and graphics.  You can rewrite the title, make it more unique and make your content fit your voice.

You can make money with  PLR products by giving it away to build an email list, use it as content for your website or blog, make videos for your Youtube channel, use it to populate your own PLR store or membership site or sell it on social media.


1. IDplr has a lot of Private Label Rights (PLR) products that you can use in many ways. You can choose from articles, videos and software.

2. You will save heaps of time and money not having to make your own products from scratch.

3. There are bonuses incuding eCover Creator Software, 10GB’s of Web Space, WP Sales Page Creator and 200,000 private label righs Articles.

4. Thousands of webmasters and marketers have been helped to build and grow their own online business.

5. Customer Support Center ready to help you.

6. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.


1. A few PLR products are outdated and some functions not working.

2. Support center uses a ticketing system which can mean longer resolution time.


Beginner or an experienced internet marketer, IDplr helps with loads of Private Label Rights products that you can repurpose in numerous ways, including web content or as products to just sell. But if you have been doing online business for quite some time you will know that it’s always good to give your PLR products a unique, new look to differentiate you from all the others who have also purchased the PLR product.

There are are a lot of people interested in internet marketing but are intimidated by the knowledge and work required to get started. This offering is the ideal short cut, IDplr has all the money making potential to get you off to a good start. It has a membership of over 70,000 earning income rebranding and selling PLR products.

It may sound daunting to some when it comes to altering and improving PLR articles to make it unique. However, numerous people have got their start with this business model, proving its worth. So what have you got to lose especially with the 60 day money back guarantee to make you feel secure in your investment.

Find out more about IDplr here and get your access to their huge PLR library today!

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